Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to make changes?

Not everyone will be ready to make changes to their habits and lifestyles but if you are ready

to change and have a growth mindset imagine where you will be in a year!

But how do we go about this?

Changing behaviors, mindset and ultimately habits will be the best way to change because if it's not sustainable long term then we might end up Yoyo dieting or wondering what went wrong.

Habits like putting our seat belt on or brushing our teeth are good examples of these, we do them without thinking every day!

If we don’t change our mindset we often can't see the results we desire!

If I wish to get to 10-15% body fat I will have to do the things that a person does at that body fat percentage and there could be certain sacrifices involved which may outweigh the desire to be that person.

If I want to make it to Nationals for weightlifting I have to become that person, the habits, routine and mindset I have now won’t be sufficient to get me there. You have to know you can do it and make the changes required.

Small changes ensure awesome results!

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