How you can use habits to change your life!

Everyone should read this!

Below are two scenarios, all habits are part of a habit loop. A cue, craving, response and reward. 2 great examples, the second using a nutritional focus!

We all use habits and behaviors but often the habits and behaviors we use may need to be realigned with our goal!

The second scenario is what will occur in most homes with cravings! If we can intercept our craving and add another behavior or a better option of food we are changing the short term outcome! Rather than the chips, how about choosing a food that will get us to our goal faster!

Scenario One

Cue - Room is dark

Craving- To be able to see

Response- Turn the light on

Reward- Light allows you to see, the room is no longer dark!

Scenario Two

Cue - Perhaps being in the kitchen and being near the pantry

Craving- Comes from knowing your favorite potato chips are in the pantry

Response- Grab the chips from the Pantry, open the ba and take a handful

Reward- The crunchy fatty, salty texture/ deliciousness of the taste of potato chips, that doesn't benefit your health!

Everyone has the capacity to change and what we have done to this point may not have worked, everyone can make changes to better themselves everyday!

This can change your life, hope this helps, if you need more info on habits and habit stacking let me know!

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