The single "Most Useful" Movement

Updated: Feb 23

Today we review the Squat.

Known as the single most useful exercise in the gym. Pictured is the "Squat" and the "Front Squat". Both reguarly used in weightlifting, the "Front Squat" is used to catch and recover from a "clean" and as an assistance exercise by Olympic Weightlifters.

The safest depth to squat is full depth. Correctly is deep, with hips dropping below the level of the patellas. Correctly is therefore full range of motion.

What occurs between the start and finish of the repetition is most important to ensure correct and efficient movement patterns. Weight should be distributed over the mid foot. This will mean the angle of the back will differ in both variations. If the knees and hips are back the more the hips are used. If the knees are forward, the more the quads are used. Heels should be roughly just outside shoulder width apart and on a approximate 30 degree angle out. This is slightly different for everyone. When learning the "Squat" ensure you start at a suitable weight. If this is a broomstick, Dowel or blank bar, perfect the movement before adding weight! If you have any questions please contact Northern Light Weightlifting!!

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