Health Span

Updated: Feb 24

Exercise isn't about how fast you can run or how much you can lift, unless you consider yourself an "athlete" More importantly it's not about "life span" it's about increasing your "health span"

Picture this, your 80 year old grandmother is "old" old, she doesn't exercise and stays at home alot, she can hardly walk, rocks herself out of her chair, has a sore back and limited mobility. Your 82 year old grandfather is full of energy. Goes out of the house, walks on the beach at sunset, lifts himself out of his chair, still very mobile and doesn't have soreness. He is "young" old.

By doing an exercise like a "front squat" which is likened to sitting on a chair and getting out of it you are increasing your "health span" by strengthening yourIncrease your Health Span legs and avoiding chronic disease. Utilising targeted mobility methods, squats can be improved, from a partial squat to almost full depth at a heavy weight. You will see the long term benefits!!

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