Updated: Feb 25

The general consensus seems to be that people believe if they are injured then exercise needs to cease!

“I injured my shoulder yesterday, I won't be able to make it in today”

This seems to be an assumption that most people have when they suffer an injury!

Maybe you injured your leg, arm or shoulder. But it's just one side, so there is an element of opportunity here.

Why give up on your training when this may compromise any strength or fat loss you may have achieved. Exercise has so many benefits!

But by maintaining training and using the opposite arm or leg you can maintain some strength in the injured arm or leg.

Lateral movements or single sided movements can be very useful.

Injury can be an opportunity to work on other weaknesses! It all comes down to how you see it!

There is an exemption to this, unless of course you have been advised by your physiotherapist or doctor not to exercise :)

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